Bag-less vacuum cleaners

For pet owners and allergy sufferers

Bag-less vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly more and more popular with consumers.
They should save costs, easy to handle and clean quickly. While this statement is mostly true in relation to the first point, many models leave doubts with the consumers by the handling and the fast cleaning and meet by far not always their wishes.

This is the difference to the bag-less vacuum cleaners from THOMAS. With the world novelty, the THOMAS CYCLOON HYBRID, two of the major problems are really solved, especially with animal lovers.
As the first bag-less hybrid cyclone vacuum cleaner, it does not only removes pet hair, animal hair and dust very well, but also unpleasant odors, powerful and thoroughly.

And the THOMAS perfect air models with unique AQUA-PURE-FILTERBOX stops better with animal hair and house dust than conventional bag-less vacuum cleaners. Because house dust, pollen, allergens and animal hair are completely absorbed in the water of these vacuum cleaners, then  bound and simply disposed  with the dirty water.
No more dust in the room air escape and the air is noticeably refreshed.