Highest quality for over one hundred years

At the beginning of the previous century Robert THOMAS founded a company in Siegerland, Germany, a company for the production of tools and appliances. At that time he was certainly unable to envisage that 100 years later his name would became firmly established throughout the world and be synonymous for products of highest quality.

The company has gone a long way between then and today. Although at that time the company made products for the local industry, THOMAS is today a company active all over the world. Milestones on the road to the continuous success of the company are the company’s awareness of its tradition and its significance in the market today. THOMAS has its roots firmly planted in Siegerland, Germany, and the management of the company is already in the hands of fourth generation of the THOMAS family. Over and above this the THOMAS company has always had the courage and ill to be innovative, a great tradition and always with just one aim - to produce only the very best for our customers.

This is reflected in the fact that in the early nineteen thirties THOMAS made the first electric motor driven metal washing machine in Europe. Moreover, the first mobile vacuum cleaner with steam and spray extraction and dust as well as the wash vacuum cleaner (with hot water system or water filter), just further examples of customer-oriented innovativeness.

Today, this is reflected in all the THOMAS brand products and evidenced without any doubt in the recent development of the THOMAS TWIN T2 and THOMAS TWIN T1, winners of many  awards, as well as the Premium products THOMAS TWIN T2 PARQUET, THOMAS PET & FRIENDS T1 and THOMAS HYGIENE T2 developed for a new target group. In three successive years from 2004 onwards, products from the THOMAS company won the PLUS X AWARD for their innovativeness and convenient handling and in 2009 and in 2011 for high quality. The most excellent results of the tests by the German Product Testing Institute on the THOMAS washing vacuum cleaner and the SLG Chemnitz 5 Star Quality Certificate for the dust retention capacity and the Allergy Seal of the British Foundation also reflect the quality of our products.

To successfully continue the tradition of innovativeness in the years to come our engineering team has created the basis for highest level developments. This high quality standard is upheld in the production in our own works: THOMAS is synonymous with “Made in Germany” and to ensure that this standard is always maintained we continuously draw comparisons with the up-to-date developments in the market. In turn, this ensures the greatest flexibility and brings our range of products in line with the developments introduced by an ever changing number of competitors in the market.

It goes without saying that the materials used by THOMAS are environmentally friendly and processed by state-of-the-art engineering. Moreover, the development and production of each and every appliance is subject to strict control criteria and safety standards. THOMAS quality is safeguarded from development right through to the production of all of its products.

The name THOMAS has always stood for reliability for over 100 years and, what is more, stands for reliability today, tomorrow and in the future, too.